Markeith Price

Markeith is a visually impaired track & field athlete from Baltimore, MD who competes in T13 (track) & F13 (field), specializing in the 100m, 200m and 400m sprints and long jump events.  At the Rio 2016 Games, he achieved his best Paralympic result, a 5th place finish in the 400m.  *Men’s 400m – T13 Final, Rio 2016 Paralympic Games .  2019 was a solid season of consistent performances, positioning Markeith for his third Paralympic team qualification.  Markeith’s dream is to reach the medals podium at the 2024 Paris Paralympics.

At age 3, Markeith was diagnosed with optic atrophy, a rare and permanent visual impairment caused by damage to the optic nerve.  In Markeith’s case, his optic nerves were not fully developed at birth.  Never allowing his loss of vision to slow down his body or his mind, Markeith embraced sport and fell in love with running.   Since he retains partial sight, Markeith is able to compete in track & field without the assistance of a guide.

Markeith is a college graduate who is passionate about promoting the value of education.  In 2013, Markeith founded the I C You Foundation, which serves the Baltimore community by providing scholarships and resources to visually impaired students and funding to various schools of the blind. Following his Paralympic career, Markeith intends to return to school to graduate school and pursue a career in the health and wellness industry. Markeith enjoys studying the science behind performance - the mechanics of running, the benefits of nutrition, the impact of holistic training – and the knowledge that drives continual improvement.   A believer that the proper mindset is a powerful tool for success, Markeith wants to encourage others to use sport as a tool for developing work ethic and confidence.   Markeith’s education, adaptive outlook and perseverance have fueled him past the challenges of visual impairment – and Markeith hopes others with physical limitations can see what is possible. 

The competition and exposure surrounding Paralympic sport increases each year as athletes of all abilities are gaining access to more resources and sponsor support.  Brands who align with Paralympic sport embrace diversity and benefit from a favorable public perception. There is an opportunity to engage the purchasing power of the U.S. Disability Market, comprised of 54 million Americans between the ages of 15 – 65 yrs with an annual disposable income of $490 billion.  People with disabilities are not a solitary market; individuals like Markeith are surrounded by family members and a network of people who realize the value in products and services that accommodate all people in society (“A Hidden Market: The Purchasing Power of Working-Age Adults with Disabilities” American Institute of Research).


  • 2024 Paris Paralympic Hopeful – Track & Field (2012, 2016)
  • 2 x Paralympian - Rio 2016 London 2012  
  • 3x Paralympic Finalist 
  • 1st 400m, 2019 Desert Challenge Games
  • 2nd Long Jump, 2019 Desert Challenge Games
  • 1st 200m, 2018 Mt. Sac Relays
  • 2nd 100m, 2018 Mt. Sac Relays

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